God created man for ONE purpose — to worship Him!  This is not an option, according to His Word.  It is a commandment.  Throughout the Word of God, we are told over and over again to sing His praises, bow the knee at His feet, praise Him with instruments and with singing, raise up Holy Hands to Him.   Worship was never intended to be a “spectator activity.”  It is a “participator’s activity!”  We can worship God in our hearts — and should
do so.  However, nothing takes the place of CORPORATE worship — coming together as the Body of Christ to join as one body, singing and worshiping to an audience of ONE — the Holy One!   We offer many times to gather for worship at Friendship, and we welcome YOU to attend any and all of them!
 Our worship services at Friendship are mostly defined by the locations of services and the styles of music.  As the Minister of Worship, I take seriously the responsibility of selecting music that will reach all the styles and genres of music that are represented in the makeup of our congregation.  Therefore, most services are somewhat a blend of anything from the oldest hymns known all the way to the latest contemporary praise songs.
EARLY CELEBRATION SERVICE:  This service tends to be more contemporary in nature.  It normally meets in our Family Life Center at 9:00 am.  Dress is very casual, especially in the summer months.  Music is led either with iworship videos or with live instruments.  Music tends to lean more to the contemporary praise and worship, but will include some elements of traditional worship.
BLENDED SERVICE:  Our 11:00 am service meets in the main worship center (sanctuary) and includes music led by our Praise Choir.  There will always be at least several more traditional hymns, interspersed with a praise chorus or contemporary worship piece as it pertains to the pastor’s message.  The choir sings selections that range from Don Moen’s Integrity Music to the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir to traditional hymn arrangements.  
Evening Worship:  The 6:00 pm evening worship is somewhat seasonal.  In the fall, it is usually replaces with small group studies for all ages.  During the summer, the service may be held on the Lakefront at Lyman Lake or in the church parking lot or any other places God leads.  During the winter and Spring, this service is usually the most “traditional” of all of our worship times.  Most music ranges from old Gospel hymns to traditional hymns.  
PRAISE CHOIR REHEARSES each Sunday afternoon at 4:30 in the Choir Room.  We ALWAYS welcome new singers!
    In addition to preparing music for the 11:00 worship services.